Jurassic is an ensemble made of multiple narratives recorded and located in dialogic times due to its assembly structure and crossword puzzle. They are mnemonic images that speak of themselves unfolding into graphic metaphors. They are at the same time complements of peripheral dialogues that function as a supplement to the utopia deposited in their constitutions of opposition and paradox.

The images are vigorous poetics and go from the local to the global. Among the figures and assembled forms questions arise; who I am, where I come from and where I am going. Its concept of Jurassic animal is delusional and disturbing, its forms of T-Rex are distant time announcements, but its contemporaneity speaks in its stylized and disarmable construction.

His memory is epidermis, bone shape, petrified bone, tattooed wood based on inked cuts and printing. This entity and mito-graphic vehicle, is built and built because its beating is of nomadic voices rooted in the uprooting paradox. His story and word is migrant without a fixed destination. They are shadows clinging like ghosts to the wood that contains them. The presence that animates and excites them is their complicit framework of generations and of transmigran teas icons. Sometimes dreamlike and other mythologizing, the spirit of this three-dimensional engraving is the virtue of reflecting multiple events in the history of humanity and its contemporary alterity.

Pterodactilo Exhibicion en la Feria de Arte de San Diego 2018

Pterodactilo Exhibicion en la Feria de Arte de San Diego 2018

Acercamiento a cabeza del Pterodactilo Pieza del Pterodactilo