Engravings to slit board or I would say in this case to slit metal. These engraving memories are a trip to the center of the dry point. They are the return to the world of ink and printing. They are entinte and revelation glare to the dark glade, footprint and tattoo of wet swollen swollen black blood and black velvet explosion. Drive on the white of the paper. Memory handmade by eye and at will, contraction of the muscle that imprisons the buril. Memory made of memory.

These engraving memories bet to play life in oblivion, to throw a graphic paradox poker. This memory is not said, but it is stamped on palmpaths of the seal that represents and releases them. They are exquisite lines dictated by the lens of the mental eye without forgetting its brand and its style. Dry tip, water ink revealed from the tone of black to white travel of light at the speed of printing. Recorded memory is a general song of the technique of engraving at the dry point that is contradictory wet at the same time.

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