Performa Rutas 1998, Mexico


This engraved memory of fire is a metaphor of multiple identities in constant movement. It is an experience that decants my signified anagrams. This is a mark of my printed memory. It sketches the pathways of maps and zones in constant migration. It lives in and out of the mold that creates it, as well as re-signifies it. These maps and zones are shot in a sampling way, as a palimpsest. Their traces-in-ecstasy are conducted by the pilot of the reconstructive discourse. They aspire to become a scenic rite. Their existence is devoted to color and blot. The composition of their abstract fragments is a threshold to the enactment of the symbol. Here, in this realm, the symbol is redesigned into a ludic space. This space is the origin where its path is redirected to become an impression of light, where puzzles are converted to multiple possibilities to reestablish the images of the idea or vice-versa. Hence, the representation of forms with multiple meanings decodes the symbol. This performance seeks to impress the subversion of the ritual, and is akin to the incineration of itself, and thus opposes repetition. This memory of fire reaffirms itself out of the law of cause-and-effect. This recollection of hybrid, super-imposed wood blocks reanimates the different attacks that denounce a new archeology of discourse into the mimetic signs which redefines the noesis of representation under the paper. These exhaustive and extinct anxieties, which motion back-and-forth from contemporary to immediate heritage, blossom a foreign knowledge of transformation and thinking into a whole new way of structural analysis from the umbilical cord, from which they originated. Its rhythm is a syncopate of the graphic movement of the hand and eye, as a whole aesthetic. Its supreme aim is arriving to emptiness (Satori meditation) all the way to the plenitude of symbols.

This memory of fire does not intend the baroque symbolic but the emptiness of the sign. It walks over the maps of the interstice of form and content. This memory seeks not the metaphysics of knowledge, but the intricate possibility of mutation. This very intense flesh-and-blood is a metaphor of revolution. This is an act of assimilation. This is the very ground of the immediate perception. This memory is made of humid inks and perspective. This is the metonymic wood-cut of my memory on fire. This Sisyphean print's endeavor is to open the consciousness of the eye of the beholder as well as to awaken internal peace. Therefore, the pathway of the true heart assimilates "la guerra florida," the ritual and the blossom of the flower of xochipilli. The goal of this memory is the lubricity of the eye where the hand has its place, where the chisel and the brush mark the direction of the spirit. This binomial inspiration is inspired by death and love, the imminent reflection of the ideogrammatic nation of my soul, the graphic endeavor of my walk.