The other speaks his language, sign and myth run at the same time. Blood and sacrifice, knife of obsidian flint of the gods. In the stone engraved the memory of the thought of being prints its history.

Being founds its time and death is born life; double face-face duality of the mask, offering and life, flower and song, dance of night and day, morning star engraved in the sky and on the skin tattoos of the cycles of living nature. These codices are contemporary Tonalamatls, calendars of divination and direction of the destinies of the towns.

Bilateral Tonalamatls make up your bifida tongue, snake tongue. Bilingual banner, double word, present and past always crossing, reinterpreting to infinity. Tonalamatls symbol community open to plurality. Archetype and synthesis of experiences and knowledge. Woodcuts, monumental woodcuts whose meaning is to connect communities.

Estandarte I/Banner I
Estandarte II/Banner II
Estandarte III/Banner III
Estandarte XXXI/Banner XXXI
Estandarte IV/Banner IV
Estandarte V/Banner V
Estandarte VI/Banner VI
Estandarte VII/Banner VII
Estandarte VIII/Banner VIII
Estandarte IX/Banner IX
Estandarte XXVIII / Banner XXVIII
Estandarte XII / Banner XII
Estandarte XIII / Banner XIII
Estandarte XIV / Banner XIV
Estandarte XV / Banner XV
Estandarte XVI / Banner XVI
Estandarte XVIII / Banner XVIII
Estandarte XXIII / Banner XXIII
Estandarte XX / Banner XX
Estandarte XXI / Banner XXI
Estandarte XXII / Banner XXII
Estandarte XXV / Banner XXV
Estandarte XXVI / Banner XXVI
Estandarte XXVII / Banner XXVII
Estandarte XXX / Banner XXX

Conversación en la Catedral / Conversation in the Cathedral